Hurricane Danny

Danny boy Danny (our American Milking Devon steer) was a year old yesterday. That’s roughly half his life. His mother waited an extra week and then left a nice dry shed to have him under a tree in a storm, actually “Tropical Depression Danny”. I carried him back to the shed while Lisa led Ella Mae. I can’t carry him anymore. It takes all my brains and all my brawn to get him to walk where I want him to.

His momma got dual vaginal and rectal prolapses, so she is in the freezer. The previous time she rode the trailer it was to meet a bull. She was aboard before I had it hitched. He came along and saw her get off looking for her date. He came home and doesn’t miss her because he sure she’ having fun without him.

Sometimes we keep him in with the sheep, and his best friends are George and Miguel, our Icelandic rams. But he’s also quite content to get tethered where we need him, which is handy. He’s recently mowed the 800 foot driveway borders, which were full of brambles and small trees, weeds, ferns. We like to keep that brush down under the power lines with critters, or NH Co-Op comes and cuts it and sprays it with poison. Ruminants are better than Round-Up, thanks.

He’s a lot easier to treat than his mama, who only wanted Wonder Bread and rarely got it. Without her influence, he’s been far more willing to try other things and enjoys them. We give him fruit and veg that we get from the food pantry. We have a neighbor who brings by buckets of windfall apples, and he always make sure that Danny gets some of those.

In about a month, we’ll have our new heifer here, and he’ll have another cow to hang out with, which we know he’ll enjoy. But he’s a pretty even tempered, happy guy, and we really enjoy having him around.

Happy birthday, Danny.

Dan the man

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  1. Posted September 4, 2010 at 10:56 pm | Permalink

    Hi Lisa

    So what kind of Heifer did you get and were you able to trade for piglets? My own little Heifer called “Girl” arrived today, and has settled in well, It will be a good while before the milk arrives but I wanted to raise and train her my way.. so far, just in love with her..


  2. Posted September 4, 2010 at 11:10 pm | Permalink

    I got a 3/4 Jersey and 1/4 American Milking Devon, and she’s being bred right now to a 3/4 American Milking Devon / 1/4 Jersey bull. Her name is Zippy and she’s really cute! I can’t wait to bring her home. We are trading 6 gilts and 2 boys for her, which we both think is a perfectly good trade.

    Cows are really cool. I still miss Elly. I’d love to see a photo of your Girl!

    Here’s Zippy!


  3. Posted September 5, 2010 at 2:28 pm | Permalink

    Hi Lisa

    Lovely! so glad you are getting your Zippy, I will try and take a photo for my little Girl for you.. I am afraid mine is not nearly as interesting a mix. She is half Holstein and half Limousin, We had a family milk cow named Jessie when I was a child/teen, and she was a Holstein/Charolais crossbred and she was just a wonderful family cow.

    The Limousin is a old french breed, and I have been told are amazing draft animals, so I hope to train her to harness as she gets bigger as well.

    As we want to raise and butcher the calfs, I am planning on breeding her back to the Limousin bull just down the road. Given the breeding you have coming, are you hoping for a Heifer, and then planning on having two cows?

    What age did you start giving Danny treats and what have you been offering him? With Jessie she loved fresh veggies and fruit as treats, but she was bought as a adult cow, when we moved off the farm, she went to friends of the family and lived to be 14.


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