Go snow, go snow!

The snow is melting, yay! And the plugs from the Jollies got here yesterday while I was in NYC. They are none the worse for wear, luckily. For some reason I only got 5 of the 8 trays I ordered, though. I have to remember to call them during regular business hours.

The trays that came in are the double petunias, blue lobelia, violas, nierbergia, and something else that I forgot. I’m alternating all of them into the trays, which are coming along nicely. I’m only up to 16 window boxes complete at this point. Yikes. There’s a long way to go. I am definitely going to need another rack of shelves and lights before it’s all said and done. Frank has a good start on the third one, so hopefully that will be done before I actually need it. He builds them out of scrap lumber when he’s doing other stuff in the basement, woodworking wise.

0420_001.jpg Here’s a view of the side yard from the back balcony. It’s amazing how quickly the snow is melting. It’s like as soon as the tip of something starts to show, whatever it is absorbs heat and then in a day or so, the whole thing shows. Happened that way with the bridge near the pond, and the stone walls all over the place are peeking out now.

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