Lawn Woes

P6020001.jpg We’re not sure when Skip and his crew is going to show up again this year, and the lawn is looking patchy and barely green, so we broke down and bought 50 pounds of seed and a seed spreader at Agway today. Then when we got home, it actually wasn’t raining at the time (which has been rare this weekend) so we loaded it up and spread the stuff, fairly thickly. There’s not much seed left out of that bag. There is supposed to be a sort of light rain all night, which should be good for helping this germinate. We also bought enough fertilizer to cover 5000 square feet of lawn, and the guy at Agway said it was designed for “new lawns”, with lots of phosphate. It says to wait three to four weeks before applying it, so we have to remember to do that.

The lawn is weird — we have some patches where it’s thick and full, but most of it is very thin and scraggly, with more dirt showing than anything else. We think these thick patches are the result of water running down hill, carrying seed with it, and ending up in a puddle, so creating perfect growing conditions for only a few pieces of the lawn.

P6020015.jpg It turns out it didn’t freeze the other night — just came really close. We had a low of 34 degrees, but nothing froze, so none of the plants died. The window boxes are actually looking quite full and happy. No actual cascading or anything like that yet, but the plants have filled out nicely, and most are blooming.

P6020013.jpg I’m not quite sure what to do about these roses. We were convinced they hadn’t survived the transplant, but now each of them has these green areas down near the roots. I’m trying to figure out if I should cut the old dead stuff off completely, or what. (must read my rose books)

P6020012.jpg P6020007.jpgThere are white tulips currently in bloom all over — looking gorgeous. The front part, in the middle of the circular drive, is actually ready to be mowed, but the new engine for the lawn tractor won’t be here until Thursday. The Lilacs are still in bloom, fragrant and gorgeous.

P6020008.jpgI’ve got hosta that we planted last fall just starting to emerge all over the garden. It’s strange — we split it when we planted it last fall, rather harshly, actually, and it’s coming up in these huge clumps which look to me like they’re ready to be split again. Not that I’m going to — I know they need a couple of years to get over the transplant shock and all, but I’m surprised at how big and healthy each of the divisions is turning out to be.

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