Another day in paradise

P7290008_001.jpgToday was just another perfect day in paradise. Paradise, at least if you consider puttering around in the garden on a beautiful summer day to be paradise. Which we do. Oh, to be able to retire and do this all week. Now that would be paradise.

P7290002.jpg P7290003.jpgThe water plants we picked up yesterday look really cool in the pond. And the school of fish is looking like a school again instead of a bunch of stragglers. Hopefully, it was that cat that Paul & Carol took home that was eating them, and we aren’t stocking up the pond to keep feeding a raccoon family or something. (It turns out the cat ran away from them, poor thing. Hopefully she’ll find a home around them, or come back, or something. She was such a cute kitty.)

P7290009.jpgI stopped by an Ikea in New Jersey while I was on a business trip earlier in the week. One of the things that I got for the garden are these little wicker baskets, with handles. I think I’ll leave them out all over the garden so that when I walk through weeding, which I do all the time, I’ll have some place to deposit the weeds rather than leaving them in little piles all over the place, and then forgetting to move them, which I also do all the time. I hope they weather to a nice gray.

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