Bugs, bugs and more bugs!

We poked our noses out to do a few things in the garden today, but the bugs were bad and it was so hot that we came in after about an hour, I think. I noticed that it’s great mindless stuff for me … I wander around, deadhead and weed, poke and prod. I try to catch the annuals by deadheading them before they go to seed, but in this heat, they grow so fast that I miss some. At this rate, I’m going to have johnny-jump-ups all over my yard next year.

Frank worked on some of the things that aren’t working very well, like the lights and the irrigation. He has to tinker and think, troubleshoot. He does a lot that in his job, too. I think he likes it, though. He’s good at it, anyway.

I saw this pretty nifty bug thing called a Mosquito Magnet in the SkyMall catalog on the plane the other day. It sure would be nice if this worked, and the guy I was next to raved about his, so I’m hopeful. Frank thinks it just might work, says the theory behind it is sound, anyway. So it’s now on the things-to-save-up-for list. To not have deer flies right now would be awesome. Those buggers bite me through my jeans, even. I swell up for days at the bite site, just like I do with blackflies.

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