Catch Up

20010717_0004_web.jpg I’ve spent far more time actually out in the garden than updating the journal, and I’m trying to get my pictures in here, with some narrative, while I still remember why I took the pictures. I also know this page takes far too long to load, so I’m working on a better way to split the pages up. I’ll probably stop using this script, because it was never meant to have so many pictures used in it, I think.

Also trying to figure out a way to print these into a paper/book form of some sort. I like the journal online, but I think I also want some sort of hard copy to remember each year by. The digital camera is wonderful. Frank bought me a photo-quality printer, but how do I decide which ones to print? It would almost be easier to just have snapshots to put into an album. This whole journal thing is turning out to be far more complicated than I thought it would be.

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