Burning Bush

P9220025.jpgWow, fall isn’t officially here, but it’s officially here in our garden, if I go by the state of our burning bushes. I’ve never had these before, and they just look wonderful.

No matter which angle you see them from, they pop right out at you, so I’m of course taking pictures of them from every possible angle.

I need to read up on how to care for them. I’ve heard that their color will fade if they don’t get the proper nutrients, but I’ve read conflicting things on what they need. I need to find myself some sources that I trust, so I can start supplementing. We know our soil is still horrible, and I love these so much that I really don’t want their color to fade.

It seems early for them to be as vivid as they are already. Not much else is turning yet in terms of fall color, except the older and sicker trees. Frank thinks it might be a sign that these guys aren’t as healthy as they should be, which is a shame.

P9220080.jpgI came home and worked outside for a while after my trip to see the doctor today. It was a gorgeous day. Chilly, but awesome. I love fall weather.

Frank hauled mulch in the wheelbarrow to places that the little tractor wouldn’t reach, and I weeded and spread it all out until I got exhausted. I actually lasted longer than he did. Funny how that worked — he was doing all the hard physical stuff. It was really easy for me to point to where I needed more, and giggle. He indulged me until his arms hurt, and quit way before I thought we were done. But what we did looks great.

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