Update on the window boxes

P9220023.jpgPutting modesty aside, I have to say my window boxes are an unqualified success. They just grab your eye when you drive up to the house.

They’d be even better if only they weren’t pulling the deck railing down! But Frank has a plan, I think, for how to fix it, as soon as I pull them for the year.

I especially like the window boxes from our view from the gazebo. We spend quite a bit of time out there in the evenings, enjoying a glass of wine. Both the scent and the views just really make it quite special.

P9220067.jpgI’m not sure I like my hodge podge style, however. They look riotous, which is quite pretty, I tell myself. But sometimes I wonder how they would look if I tried to plan them out instead of planting without too much thought as to what goes where.

What would they look like in a single color theme, maybe? That’s so not my style, but maybe I’ll try that some year.

For now, they look like this, all mixed up colors, and sort of messily spilling every which way. Yeah, that’s my style, alright!

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