Window box update

P9050011.jpgI managed to hobble around the window boxes trying to dead head the annuals for about 30 minutes today. Didn’t get very far, but I loved being out there. The boxes were dry, but I wasn’t strong enough to manage a hose as well, and Frank has 3,000 extra chores to do in the house already because I’m not much help, so they’ll just have to survive or not without me for a bit.

They look pretty though.

I got a bit of energy again in the afternoon and walked around a bit outside on the deck, admiring my flowers and the garden. I spent some time in the gazebo, watching Frank mow the lawn and put down fertilizer.

All the fall chores are starting to add up and I’m not much help. The older and sicker trees are just starting to turn colors already, and things like the burning bushes are getting hints of reds.

Beautiful weather — big blue skies, no humidity, no bugs. We’ve had an almost perfect summer, actually. It’s hard to see it go, but the signs are in the air. It got chilly enough this evening that Frank lit the woodstove for the first time this season. Fall will be here soon.

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