Fall Has Arrived

100301_055.jpgI’m now operating on the theory that laying around recovering isn’t actually doing my incision any good. I’m getting all tight again, in a way that I wasn’t this weekend when I was up and about the whole time. Stretching to put up the fall flag was about all I could handle, though.

100301_011.jpgFrank took me out for a walk in the village before dinner, and the fall season is just about at peak, I think. What’s funny is that Marlow is one of the most photographed villages in New England, especially in the fall, but only for those who realize just how early we turn here. There are usually tons of flat-landers who come up a month from now, and are shocked at how bare we are then.

100301_070.jpgThen after dinner, we went for a bit of a walk down the driveway and up the road again. So pretty, so peaceful. I remember one of Jeff Foxworthy lines about being a redneck … if the directions to your house say “turn off of the paved road”. That’s us!

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