The First Real Snow

The garden covered in snow.I was as excited as the kids were last night, waiting for the snow to start. We were supposed to get eight to twelve inches, and the kids were hoping for a snow day, of course. We’ve had so little snow this year that the yard is barely snow covered, especially where the flock of turkeys hang out.

First snow storm of the new year.The driveway is a skating rink, though, so I’m a bit worried about how that will be once it’s plowed, but maybe I can talk the plow guy into sanding when he’s done plowing. I can hardly believe we haven’t been plowed yet this season. We want snow!

It finally looks like winter, now. Of course, with “no further accumulation expected”, I’ve cleared the deck of an additional two inches twice today. We got plowed around 9:00 this morning, and there’s easily another 4 or 5 inches out there now, which I hate. Makes the place look messy, and I’m not sure he’ll come back to do us again. He did tell me, though, that we have the iciest driveway in the village, and I’m not surprised at all. Told me to be careful, because the snow packed down on the ice made it extra special, and I’m hoping he remembers that and brings the truck with the sand in it, tomorrow. But he’s the type of Yankee local who won’t plow us if he isn’t convinced we need it. 4-5 inches, what are we, wimps? Yes!

Wild turkeys, walking out from Mack Hill Road, in a line.The turkey parade down our road was just a hoot this afternoon. The flock’s gotten so big, too. I counted over twenty at one point, but then accidentally bumped the camera to the window, and they all took off, poor little paranoid guys, from hearing such a small noise. They knew that corn was there somewhere, though, and all that pristine snow cover got mighty scratched up, though it’s all buried again.

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