Spring Clean Up

Lisa and Marmalade begin the spring clean up on the lawn.The weather is finally nice enough to get out there and get started on the spring chores. First up, I’m absolutely that the entire lawn needs to be raked before anything can be applied to the lawn. It looks like we left too much cut grass on it too late in the season, or it was too thick and didn’t decompose, or something. There’s bad, thick thatch on this part of the lawn. (Marmalade supervised all of my stuff out there today! He’s glad it is spring time, too.)

I raked a lot of it, until I got so many blisters on my hands, even with gloves, that I just had to quit. But it sure is nice to be outside so early in the season. I convinced Valerie and her boyfriend Steve to keep raking to earn money after I couldn’t do anymore. (smart, huh?) I guess we’ll add all this to the compost pile.

Crocus.The first crocuses are just starting to pop out. We hardly see them because they almost blend in with the mulch. I’m not sure what to do about that. Maybe I didn’t put them in a visible enough location and so should move them? Maybe after I spread compost around there will be more of a contrast.

Frank adds more coffee to the compost pile. Time to pull the tarp off the pile.Frank decided that it’s time to pull the tarp off the pile. It didn’t shrink much over the winter. Frank added more coffee to the compost pile, as they were no longer frozen solid to the ground, either.

Lots of fallen leaves and such that need to be cleaned out of the pond, though.On the pond front, it’s finally time to get the pump going. Happily, it looks like all eight fish made it through their first winter. There were lots of fallen leaves and such that need to be cleaned out of the pond, though. It’s too early to feed the fish because it’s still too cold. But they certainly remember that we used to feed them and don’t quite understand why we won’t do it now.

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