High Spring

I could live out in my garden. It’s so pretty, and there is so much work to do! It’s a bit overwhelming, actually. I’m trying no to get too frustrated with it all, and remember that I do enjoy it. Which I do. But everywhere I look, there’s stuff that must be done asap, and I just wear myself out.

It’s so pretty out there now, though. It is most definitely still early spring, really. The daffs and rhododendrons are all still in bloom. Even the last of the hyacinths is still going strong. All of our creeping phlox seems to have exploded in the last couple of days, especially the lavender.

Poor little fishies. We’re down to just four of them. Eight seemed to survive the winter, but Frank pulled out three bodies from the filter, and there only seems to be four out swimming around. We’re not sure what got them. He tried to clean out the bottom of the pond with a new pump hose vacuum thingie that we ordered that everyone over on Gardenweb seems to rave over, but it didn’t work very well.

We went to the town tag sale early this morning, and picked up some plants from people who live here, which means they should probably survive.

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