Iris and Lilies

The water lilies are out, and the turtle from the other day did seem to lay eggs before she left. The trick is supposedly being the closest body of water that the new baby turtles find, and then they’ll hang out here for most of their life. We hope it works!

The iris! I hardly had any last year because they got split too hard, but this year, they’ve been blooming for a while with no end in sight yet. We have a huge amount of what we call the Marlow Iris, because it’s that particular shade of pink and we see it in everyone else’s yard around town. It’s clearly very very happy here in our little micro-climate. We’re trying to concentrate on other kinds of iris, but this stuff is spreading like weeds! Pretty, though.

P6130001.jpg We’ve got a lot of the big yellow flag iris as well. We started off with one clump, and probably have six or seven now, some of which are ready to split yet again, already.

I wish I knew what this pink flower is. It started out as a very small transplanted thing, and is just huge now. I’ve got two other little transplants in other parts of the garden, and I like it, I just haven’t a clue wCentaurea montana Mountain Bluethat it is. I see it in other gardens in the village — I’ll have to remember to ask someone about it.

[Edited to add: A reader said it is Centaurea montana Mountain Bluet]

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