Iris Season

060202_015.jpgThe start of the irises in the garden just seemed to happen almost overnight. They got split too hard last year, and we only had a couple of blooms, and this year, we have tons of them.

As much as we complain about the quality of the soil that the landscaper installed, time and composting is starting to help the situation. But it’s really irritating that whenever I try to amend the soil with extra minerals and organic matter, something out there digs up whatever I plant. I’m about ready to get a shot gun and stay up all night to catch it.

060202_009.jpgThe lilacs are just starting to come into bloom here. (not quite as pretty as last year, but I think it’s because of the high winds we’ve been having.) We’ve been seeing them all over the area, and I guess we’re high enough that we’re about a week later than everyone else.

060202_002.jpgThe garden is so pretty right now, that I keep seeing it look all pretty now and wishing the garden tour was happening today. I’m so worried about what it will be like at the end of this month. What if nothing is blooming? Eek.

We worked out in the garden almost non-stop this weekend, and I finally am sort of feeling like I’m getting it under control. I got the last of my 420 freaking perennials planted. Got all my glad bulbs in. Have weeded the big beds, and just have a few smaller ones to get to before the garden tour.

Frank and I work really well out there, sort of working together when needed, but most doing our own thing. He does all the heavy stuff, and I do the planting and weeding.

It’s tiring, but we both enjoy it.

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