Driveway Clearing

P7240004.jpgAfter work tonight, we walked down the driveway. I came home from a business trip this week to find that the power company contractors cleared under the power lines all down the driveway while I was gone. It used to look much more jungle like, with brush often touching the sides of the vehicles as you came down the driveway. Now it looks so much more open.

P7240006.jpgThe sign with our names on it looks just plain silly, though. I have no clue why they would just cut the tree off just above it like that. And why would they leave one silly tree standing there next to it? Frank’s going to have to take that one down himself. There is definitely a lot of firewood out there to go bring in now.

We’re looking at moving up the project of planting invasive pretty stuff out there to fight back the woods, now that they showed up unannounced and handed us the opportunity. Musser Forests, where I can order a hundred rhododendrums for less than $3 each — wouldn’t that look pretty? I’m so glad Frank knows about places like that.

P7240012.jpgOf course, since we were out there already, I couldn’t resist fidding around in the garden a bit. I think this big white/pinkish rose with the huge bloom is Prairie. I know it’s not Madame Hardy, because she has a ton of foliage without even a single bud. The catalog description of Prairie said it was a pure white, and this is definitely tinged pale pink, but quite pretty, I think.

The deer flies out there are awful, though. Too bad the mosquito magnet doesn’t seem to get them. They bite me through my jeans, even, so after about an hour, I had to come inside, even though I could have stayed out all evening.

P7240013.jpgSome of the lilies that Frank got me for Mother’s Day are just starting. He called the pink one “a girl next door” one, not too showy, but I think she’s beautiful.

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