Bringing in Firewood

We worked hard outside today. I’m exhausted. We hauled wood from where the electric company had cut it, after Frank found out the other morning that one of our neighbors thought we didn’t want it, or something, and so had been taking the good stuff out. How very rude of him.

firewoodLooking at these pictures, it’s a depressingly small pile we hauled in for how tired I am and how my back feels! We even bribed Valerie and Steve into working for a couple of hours with us. We need to do this about a dozen more times this year, I fear.

Firewood And to think it all still has to be cut to length and stacked, then hauled in all winter.

At least I managed to back the truck up behind the house — pretty tricky maneuvering, in reverse, but I impressed them all with my superior skills.
Hard Work! We filled the truck up four times, I think.

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