Blooming Roses

White climbing rose from Arena roses, Iceberg.Pretty, pretty roses all in bloom in the garden right now. The climbing white rose, Iceberg, that we got from Arena this year, is doing particularly well on the trellis underneath the gazebo. I just love this rose, so classic looking.

The weather has been wonderful today, mid-70s, blue skies. The mosquito magnet is working like a charm, so I’m typically spending the evenings out puttering in the garden. Last year, the bugs were worst at that time, and I just couldn’t stay out there very long.

Close up of one of FrankThese tiger lilies are left from the old foundation right near the house, from the last people who lived on this land, probably the late 1800s. Frank loves them, and keeps bringing them out from the grown-up woods around the old foundation, and putting them in our garden.

As pretty as it all is, there’s still lots of really happy weeds, too. I pulled a bunch growing right near the house, and have had some sort of reaction that even Benadryl cream isn’t helping. Frank thought it might be stinging nettles because it was prickly.

P8070017.jpgI’m so excited about my clematis in bloom. I’ve struggled with this vine, done everything supposedly, but have never gotten flowers out of it. Then I read on GardenWeb that they like worm castings. And since we have magic worms that I got earlier this year, Frank sorted through the disgusting little worms and I piled up all the stuff on them. Sure enough, blooms! I guess they really are magic worms!

Speaking of worms, a snake slithered over my hand when I was weeding and I did my typical scream like a girl. Yeah, snakes are good and harmless, but why must they lurk and scare me to death? Then later, after dead-heading a bunch of lamb’s-ear, a few bees flew out of my basket right at my face, causing me to scream out again. My poor heart!

We can feel autumn just around the corner. Jeremy spent some time out splitting wood in the back today, trying to earn his allowance. We’re a bit worried about our lack of firewood. We’ve been spending too much time in the garden, and too little time cutting and splitting, so it was nice to get some help.
These tiger lilies were planted by the original owners of this land, probably 150 years ago.

Just the beginning of the glads I planted in June. All new this year. Hoping for color besides all my yellow things.The glads are just beginning. I put them out in June, which may have been a little late. These are all new this year. I’m hoping for color besides all my yellow things in late summer. They are quite pretty! I have to pull all these up in the fall, but the color is worth it.

Medallion wins the medal for huge blooms. During cool weather they have been known to exceed 7My Tropicana and Medallion roses are in bloom right now too. I think this is a bit late, but are probably blooming now because they are new to the garden this year. I really like that orangish color. I have two of them, but the one in the front of the house is just covered with Japanese beetles, and looking quite stressed. Frank put out some traps, and we’ll hope it works.

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