Here comes the freeze

PA080009.jpg PA080011.jpgA hard freeze is expected tonight, which is a bit depressing. I have so many things still blooming and I don’t want to lose them! I know, I should be grateful that I went this long … but but my roses are so pretty, and my dahlias.

PA080014.jpgWe went out there in the evening and I cut a bunch and brought them in, which I don’t usually do. But I know the freeze is coming, so I might as well get what I can.

At least my asters and mums are coming in nicely. I’ve got a bunch of different shades of purple, too, not just the ordinary asters, so I’m really enjoying them this year.

My Halloween mums are all in bud, but not blooming yet … it’ll take a few more hard freezes to convince those hardy suckers that it’s time to bloom. Freaks. They are also trying to take over the garden. I’m going to have to pull them out and put them down the driveway or something and let them fight it out with the brush.

Changing to the fall flag.It’s now officially fall in my garden, at least, because Frank put up my fall garden flag today. This flag is extra special to me, as it was on the house when it burned, and the firemen saved it for me. (Yeah, yeah, don’t ask why my fall flag was still up on Dec. 30.!)

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