More snow

PB230007Yet more snow, and it’s sticking. I’m not sure we’re going to have another thaw this winter, which is a bit early for us. It’s not unusual for us to have the first sticking snow around Thanksgiving day, but we’ve had three or four already this month, and with these last several, there’s been no melting in between.

We did some more stacking of the firewood, having to brush off the snow. We (and the kids) have stacked quite a bit of it on the back deck, right by our bedroom door. We are hoping the deck is strong enough to hold the load! But it will sure beat hauling it up from outside the basement door. We have a fairly decent size stash under the deck, but we know it’s no where near enough. Oh well.

PB230010The view of the swamp is just gorgeous after a snow storm.

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