Expensive Toy

Got a budgetary quote today from Global Crossing. A worst case number for a 512k connection. (Which Monadnock Broadband didn’t offer.) Did a parity check with MB and got the explanation: MB didin’t offer them because GC didn’t want to deal with anyone whose bill was less than $750/month, and a T1 was $754/month.

So now that they’re renegotiating the local loop price (upward), they’re willing to quote the slower connections as long as the total bill is over $750. And if MB does a good enough negotiating job, I may have to up my CIR to a meg to get the bill up high enough. OK, I can live with that. If we go to a full T1 my gaming college son may want to move back in and commute to school.

But having eschewed the less expensive but asymmetric satelite links, I now need to get hustling to get some revenue out of the site. Not trying to get rich, just to keep by bandwidth bill under control.

Now that the connectivity crisis is over, back to the ongoing site upgrade program.

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