Not a Good Day

At 1530 yesterday Lightship cut us off. By the time the tech at tech support figured out what had happened. (Like, he has no record of the circuit number or the IPs assigned to us), it’s 1630. On a Friday.

Then I get passed to somebody named ‘Rob’. We go through my talking to both the branch manager and someone in customer service, both of whom had assured me they would keep me online at least until a salesman could call with a proposal for a new contract. He confirms that a salesman was assigned to the task and that said salesman had called at least one other Wavewizard Frame Relay customer. It is now 1645, and said salesman is “on the other line”. Rob gives me his voicemail.

Is anyone suprised to hear that we’re still off the air? I’ve moved and to GoDaddy, and tried to forward all the mail to Lisa’s Compuserve account. After messing around for awhile, I discover that I need to send the mail to “”. You can’t email a Compuserve member at Huh? WTF? Dammit, I was before Steve Case could spell ‘Internet’.

Nonetheless, I think all is working now. I also got webalizer going on Bunter. Nothing major, but if we ever have a connection again I can see if anyone actually reads this thing.

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