My Brain Hurts

Somehow I fear that may be a popular entry title.

First, I just a call from somebody at Global Crossing. He wanted to introduce himself and confirm the information that the last caller had gotten from me, before sending it on to Verizon to actually try to get me a connection.

Huh? What? You mean the last dude didn’t send the order out last Thursday? Nope. It’s going out within two more business days, and then Verizon has a week to set a date. This whole mess feels totally surreal. Don’t they actually want my money?

And second, another surreal part of the internet: Sendmail. SMTP-Auth dropped right into place and worked. However many other things aren’t:

1. It now takes several minutes to check mail. On either server. Including the old one that’s run fine for years.

2. Trying to move the virtual hosting for to bunter seems to have totally confused sendmail. If I mail a test message through bunter, I get a complaint from MAILER-DAEMON that “the path leads back to me”. Why yes it does. I did that on purpose. There’s a line in the linuxconf documentation that this is new setting in Redhat 8/sendmail 8.12, and it tells me that if I’d used Linuxconf to set up my DNS it would have worked fine. Well maybe, but DNS didn’t when I tried to use Linuxconf. And I don’t understand the explanation.

3. The Sendmail that came with Redhat seems not to understand STARTTLS (SSL). So I’ve got SMTP-Auth, but nothing outgoing is encrypted. IMAP and POP3 are using TLS just fine. Noble as it is to compile your own stuff, I’m reluctant to do so because of the continual barrage of new security related versions, which are generally important to install.. Sendmail doesn’t seem to have that problem, but I bet I know how to get a new version out.

So I’m RTF 1200 page M. I don’t care what they say in the prologue. If it needs a 1200 page manual it’s broken.

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