Checking on the seedlings

The Double Blue Picotee that I started seems to be doing pretty well. I seem to be seeing the start of “true leaves” on these guys, not just the seed leaves. What I don’t know about these is how I should treat them. Do you pinch them off when they get leggy, even if they are climbers? I wish there was some place I could read about that, but all I can find out on the net is seed starting advice (to soak them in water) and nothing about how to treat them now. I’m really glad these are doing well, and I can’t wait to see the double blue flowers on them.

The Flying Saucer Morning Glories aren’t doing so hot. Hardly any of the seeds came up, probably 25%, and those got really leggy really quickly, and then half of them died. The ones that are left look very sickly, and spraying them with the anti-fungal stuff doesn’t seem to help. I haven’t a clue what to do with these guys. For now, there doesn’t seem to be any harm in treating them as if they will survive, but I’m not sure I have hope. I have about half a seed pack left, and I’m wondering if I should try again?

Speaking of failures, the melampodium and the coleus that I started are complete failures. For both of them, they came up and then promptly died. I’m not sure if it’s because I was traveling and Frank didn’t water them enough, or what. The lobelia was in the same shape, but I had some seed left, so I’m trying those one more time. Frank’s now watched me do my watering ritual (from the bottom, etc.) so maybe they will fare better, even when I have to travel.

Felicia seems to be hanging in there, though it’s all coming in at different rates. There are some with true leaves and some barely up seed leaves, all in the same tray. I’m fertilizing at a very low strength in the whole tray anyway, though, and they’ve been off the heating matte now for two weeks. I’m using the Plant Health Care fertilizer that I panicked and bought from after I had some early failures. I think some will be ready to put into the boxes in another week.

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