Kind of under control

Things seem to be coming together, albeit slowly.

I finally got a hold of someone clueful at Godaddy. It seems that the .ORG registry was just recently yanked from the slimy hands of Verisign (details on request. Countersuit if Verisign harasses me.) In the process, Chuck seems to have fallen on the floor, at least as far as .COM domains are concerned. So I can’t list chuck as a nameserver for a .com domain (though I have some up and running, and a .US worked today) I wonder if it’s a coincidence that Verisign is still in control of .COM. Anyway, Godaddy said it would be fixed RSN. In the meanwhile, Alfred is still registered as a nameserver (at Verisign), and nobody seems to notice that he’s been off the air since January. is now finally working again. The workaround is left as an exercise for the astute reader.

I also figured out the workaround for Sendmail. I’ll use one server for outgoing mail, and another for incoming. The incoming mail I can manage with Linuxconf, to cover all the PITA stuff, and on the outbound side, I can use m4 once, to setup SMTP-Auth with TLS so Lisa and Jeremy can send mail from wherever, and I can then ignore it forever after.

I put all our domains into bunter’s hosts file, so webalizer and vpop are both happy. Setting up reverse DNS is a job for another day.

I managed to hack Moveable Type to show the thumbnails from Gallery as part of the entry. The hack depends on Lisa naming her galleries mm-dd-yy, but she does. When you click on the thumbnail you get the appropriate gallery image page. Here’s the PHP code:

or die (“couldn’t access albums directory”);
$dirName = “”;
if(is_dir($dirName)) {
$dirHandle = opendir($dirName);
while ($fileName = readdir($dirHandle)) {
if(eregi(“.thumb.jpg”, $fileName)) {
$bigFile = eregi_replace(“.thumb.jpg”,””,$fileName);
echo “n “;

I also changed the entry formatting from CSS floats to tables. It works now. (Archives didn’t as shipped) I ordered a bunch of books from Amazon to get me up to speed on fancy CSS formatting, but in the interim, tables are cross-browser and do scrollbars instead of moving things.

Finally, I’ve been looking up banner and affiliate programs. Garden in particular is racking up the hits. We won’t get rich, but something towards the bandwidth would be nice.

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