Through the Firewall

Stiill no ‘net. Verizon was supposed to have their connection up by Friday, and GC would try to put bits on it today. At 1530 on Friday I got an email from GC that Verizon hadn’t called, and GC would call them first thing Monday (today). It’s now noon and no news.

But, on the good side, I actually seem to have the firewall up and NAT working. (We only have 14 working IPs down from 30, so it’s DHCP time, and from there, a real firewall. Anyway, I’m typing this on my box inside the firewall, and sending it out to bunter in the DMZ, so at least something is working.

(BTW, the castle metaphor is more fun and more accurate. There’ll also be a firewall on the router, and bunter and the other server are between the firewalls. That’s not a DMZ, it’s the outer bailey: It is defended, even if not as well as the individual workstations.

Anywho. Things still aren’t perfect: ping isn’t working quite right (I think I know the problem) and I’ve yet to test mail. But it’s getting real close.

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