Clematis on sale

P4290015.jpgOne of the species tulips is opened up today. It’s yellow and white, and so cute! These are the ones, unfortunately, that the mice at most of, though, so there aren’t that many plants. I think they are adorable, though. Maybe they’ll spread. It really barely looks like a tulip to me.

P4290007.jpgThe hyacinths are opening up as well. I see pinks, reds and the prettiest pale blue. They seem to be pretty happy, though I’m hoping the colors will deepen as they open more fully. The daffs are in full bloom all over, and seem to be naturalizing well.

I heard on Gardenweb that Walmart was having a great sale on named Clematis plants. While we were in town getting something or the other for Valerie’s birthday, I think, I thought I’d just take a look to see if they had any left.

And they did! They had many for sale for $4.88, which is unheard of for named clematis. Here’s what I got:

Clematis: (2) Multi-Blue, Duchess of Edinburgh, Nellie Moser, Languinosa Candida, Ernest Markham (2)

I put the double blues on the north side of the bridge, hoping I can train it along the rails. I put Ernest Markham, the red one, on the south side of the bridge, with the same intention. The pinks and the whites I put on the trellis by the climbing rose, under the gazebo.

And because we have absolutely no will power at all, besides, they were cheap! So we got these perennials as well:

(3) Astilbe assorted color, (1) Glut (red) (put around the pond margins)

Hosta (3) Sieboldiana (put next to the stairway at the front of the deck) (I’ve always wanted a blue Hosta.)

Peonies (3) assorted, Peony Kansas, Shirley Temple (put over with the other peonies, in the bed behind the pergola)

Not yet planted: (6) Duet Dahlia, 10 oxalis bulbs Oxalis Deppea Iron Cross
Posted by Lisa at April 29, 2003 08:00 PM

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