Potato Planting, Compost

P4250002.jpgOur second Saturday in the garden. The top foot of the compost bin was thawed: I got two trailerloads of sifted compost out of it. The rest had to wait for more thawing. The 110 degree reading is the current pile, the 28 degree reading is the pile I’m trying to spread.

Next I put down the pre-emergent weed killer. We aim for sustainable gardening but we’re certainly not religiously organic. The window boxes get a Miracle-Gro(TM) knock off too. We looked for corn gluten to try this year but couldn’t find it. Next year we’ll try looking sooner.

P4250007.jpgAnd finally, the red, white and blue potatos (Carolus, Caribe, Cranberry Red and All Blue). We bought them from Wood Prairie Farm up in Maine. The were seed potatos, in much better shape that the ones at the local Agway. Which they needed to be, because we paid 36 bucks for 5.5 lbs of seed potatos. It would have been $13.75 at said local Agway.

Unfortunately, plump and juicy as the taters (they came from ‘roostook County. That makes them ‘taters) were they were short on eyes. Carolus and Caribe in particular. I managed to find enough eyes to slice up the Cranberry Red and All Blue to my satisfaction, but the other two went into the bed in very big pieces in order to get even one good eye to the piece.

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