Seedling Updates

P4030044.jpgI traveled all week, so Frank had to maintain all of the seedlings in the basement. Unlike the last time I was away, everything survived and thrived, even, this time. I’m not sure if it’s because of lack of humidity in the basement or what, but some of the trays need to be watered two or even three times a day in order to be okay.

P4030041.jpgThe plug trays from the Jollies came in yesterday, and they are all looking very good as well. So I have the six from them, and I think I have five of my own, so there should be plenty to fill my 70 window boxes.

Just to remind myself, the plugs that came in are: Red Ruffles Coleus, Rosebud Red Double Impatiens, Blue & White Star Double Petunia cuttings, Scaevola Brilliant, Regata White Lobelia, and Blue Moon Torenia.

I’m going to try to start putting them in the window boxes this weekend, actually. I’m a bit worried about transplanting the morning glory seedlings, as I’ve read a couple of places that you shouldn’t start them from seed inside because they don’t like to be transplanted. I think I would have been better off not knowing! But right now I have two full trays of happy little plants, probably fifty plants at least, and I don’t want them to die!

So off to think about window box design. I did okay last year, but this year I want a more controlled design. I have fewer colors to work with, deliberately, so maybe that will help all by itself.

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