No breaks in the rain

We went outside straight away after work tonight, when it had stopped raining for about twenty minutes. We’d wanted to start digging up the trillium that I found takers for on gardenweb.

feeding the skittish fish We fed the fish. I don’t think they yet understand that what we are throwing in the pond is fish food. The water is so cloudy and icky. I hope the goop that Frank poured in there yesterday works. I hate the way it looks right now.

almost caught Yoda in his regal pose The kitties followed us out, even scaredy cat Yoda, all the way out to the area where we are cutting. We were out for about ten minutes when it started to pour again, and all five of us had to make a mad dash to get inside because the skies just opened up.

Oh well. The grass is going to be ready to bale as hay when we can finally get it cut, at this rate.

But it’s pretty out. The trees are full of flowers.

I’m ignoring how bad the black flies are.

I read today that May has so far had 25 days of clouds and/or rain. It’s the 28th of May. Will we ever see the sun again?

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