Politics in the Garden

I got an email the other day in response to this entry, where I wrote and showed pictures of the red, white and blue pansies that I put on my front porch. The reader said to me that she was glad to meet a fellow Republican gardener, and that we should stick together. She spoke scornfully of “those unpatriotic Democrats”, who would never do something so supportive of our country.

Bah. It’s taken me a few days to stop being angry every time I think of her email. I want to state for the record that I am a Democrat. I am patriotic. My entire gardening theme this year is red, white and blue, all the way down to the potatoes that I’m planting. I’m doing it to remind myself that I still love my country, even if I abhor the politics and practices of Bush and Ashcroft. It’s my country too, and I’m not going to roll over and give up, as I sometimes feel like they want me to do. It’s a little thing that helps me feel less helpless.

[I admit that in a cynical moment, I added some black pansies to the mix which reminds me of the black scars I feel like the Bush administration is inflicting on our country, our environment, our economy, our international reputation and goodwill.]

That’s why I’m supporting Howard Dean. I want to help him take back our country. I want air that’s fit to breathe, healthcare for everyone, and an environment that’s protected. I support his stance on civil unions and reproductive rights.

C’mon, Dr. Dean. Let’s bring this country forward.

Now back to the usual gardening journal.

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