The Grosbeaks Visit

Rose-breasted grosbeak Evening grosbeakThe flocks of birds at the feeders today was so varied! It was really colorful out there today, and I couldn’t stop taking pictures.

We’ve had Grosbeaks before, but not very often. Today we got both Evening Grosbeaks (the yellow ones) and Rose-Breasted Grosbeaks. We probably had six or seven pair of each, which is very neat.

Evening grosbeak Purple finchWe also had the usual finches, Gold Finches and Purple Finches. Sometimes they are very segregated when they eat at the feeders, but today we had them all chowing down together.

P5090054.jpgFrank also went out into the woods where the veggie garden is planned to see how the trillium are doing. They are blooming right now. He wants to find a nice shady place to move them to, to save them. They need deep shade, and we don’t really haven any place cultivated that will get them enough shade.

P5090034.jpgI’m starting to harden off the hanging plant bags. This year I’m doing rose bud red double impatiens down the sides, and I’ll put white and blue lobelia in the top, I think. I want to hand one from the post at the end of the window box run, but I haven’t figured out where to put the other yet.

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