Water plants came in

P5150002.jpgThe stuff we ordered last month from Waterplants online from Colorado finally got here today. Though I’d ordered everything they had for zone 4, they were out of some stuff, so my $160 order turned into $98.25 with shipping.

Everything came bare root, but I had some left over pots from previous attempts at water plants, so I think we’re okay.

What actually shipped:

Cardinal Flower (4)

Corkscrew (3)

Hardy Unknown White Lily (3)

Ellisiana (deep red lily) (2)


Water hyacinth

I didn’t get any lotus, unfortunately, and the rose mallow I wasn’t sure I wanted I didn’t get, so I’m not missing that. We got extra duck weed with all of the lilies, which is fine, and a bonus frog just for good measure.

P5150009.jpgThe bugs are so bad outside that Frank basically had to do all of the actually planting himself. I am a bug magnet, and I’m allergic to black flies, so I wasn’t much help.

The pond pump is having major problems as well. It stops and starts and stops again. He fiddled with it, but it’s not working at all now.

We wonder how much of the duck weed will end up in the filter once the pump is running again?

Where can we get the pump looked at? Frank doesn’t feel like it’s something that he can fix on his own.

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