A tiny painted turtle

Lisa’s out of town, so I took advantage of a rare nice evening to do some chores.

I planted the accumulated swap plants: Purple monkshood, sweet woodruff, blue hosta, pulmonaria, plumbago, and something in a sixpack. I’m not sure about the plumbago, because the plumbago I found on the internet is zone 8 or 9, and looks slightly different.

Both of the active compost piles are still at 150 degrees. The bin in the new garden was actuallly warm to the touch. It was also dry on top despite rain within the last 24 hours.

After mowing the lawn, I dumped the last of the bacteria culture into the pond, which doesn’t seem to be clearing up. I had thought it was, but I guess it was wishful seeing. The pump was clogged too, so I unclogged it. Unfortunately 4000 gph seems to be a lot more than 3000 gph, and setting up some serious currents.

A new resident of the pondThe good part was rescuing that cute little turtle from the sump. It’s just bigger than a quarter, and I’m pretty sure it’s a painted, but the markings on the shell are pretty faint right now. I sure hope it settles in.

P6120052.jpg I’m entering in a few of our photos in a Keene contest, just to see how we do. I think we’re both getting pretty good at the gardenporn shots, anyway. I love my camera.

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