Heat wave

The heat wave continues here. It got as high as the mid-90s again, which just saps my energy and keeps me from wanting to do much outside at all.

P6270070.jpgThe string algae in the pond suddenly appeared today, from all of the hot weather, I guess. Frank fished most of it out with the net. We need to remember to add more of the bio-lift stuff. (I wouldn’t mind having it out of the front hallway anyway!)

The pond pond starting making really icky noises in the afternoon, and Frank wasn’t sure if it was just clogged or if the water was low. He decided it was both, because after clearing out the trap, it was still making noises, so we put the hose in to drip.

More than anything, I’m trying to make a list of stuff that we want to get done this weekend. The weather is supposed to be great — a bit cooler than today, but sunny and clear.

P6270079.jpgI definitely need to deadhead things. The window boxes in particular are in desperate need of it. It’s like the really hot weather sent many of the black poppies directly to seed, and they are making everything else in the box look really ratty.

The lupines and columbine need to be deadheaded, and most of the iris as well. The only iris still in bloom is the yellow flag, and even some of those are ready to get cut back.

I’m not sure if I can cut back the tulip bed yet or not — the foliage is pretty yellow and ugly, but I want to check to see how dried up it actually is. That bed would sure look better if it could get deadheaded.

Madame Hardy blooms.Madame Hardy is covered in buds, and the first blooms are open today. She’s beautiful! She grew a lot of foliage last year, her first year in our garden, on both bushes that we have, but we didn’t get a single flower. It’s like this year she’s making up for lost time. (And she should, with the amount of compost I’ve given both plants!)

P6270076.jpgThe first of the foxgloves actually started yesterday, I think, but are looking great. They are right next to the centaurea, and the pinkish purple colors are almost identical, and the very different flower shapes in the same color is quite striking. I’d take credit for the placement, but the centaurea is a volunteer.

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