Lilacs and webcams

More and more rain. It’s depressing, though I’m telling myself it’s really good for the garden. We’ve turned off the irrigation for weeks now, because the ground is water-logged already, even the window boxes. The bugs are horrible, too, probably because it’s been so damp.

P6040005.jpgThe lilacs are blooming, even the bush near the poppies, which didn’t bloom at all last year. I think the compost that we’ve been spreading is really starting to make the soil at least a little bit better. Speaking of which, that poppy plant has two buds on it, a first for us. One thing I don’t understand is how there are two little seedling poppies in that bed, and yet we’ve never had a bloom before. How did we have seeds for seedlings when we never had a bloom? That makes absolutely no sense at all.

Because we haven’t been able to actually garden much at all, Frank’s been working on getting the weather station to update data to our website. I’d someday like to have a panel here on the garden journal homepage that shows the conditions for the date of the entry, but in the meantime, he’s got the current conditions showing up, as well as a snapshot of the garden.

The image is being taken with an old digital camera sitting in the window of his office, pointing down. We need to buy some sort of little swiveling tripod or something to angle it better, but I still think it’s neat. We have also gotten very spoiled by our high-resolution camera — this old one does 640 x 480 with no zoom, period.

For now, because we have no working lights out in the garden, he’s got it stopping the every-10-minute snapshot at sunset, and starting again at sunrise. We have dreams of keeping it running all night so that we can catch the critters that prowl out there, like the bear.

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