Planting Glads and Dahlias

Gah, more rain today. But we knew it was coming, so we got out there early in the morning to finish up stuff that really had to get done. It’s getting very late to plant dahlias and glads, and I’m glad they are all in now.

I wasn’t sure where to put them. The spot I had them last year was ok, but not great. I settled on putting them next to the poppies, in the bed that kills every perennial I plant in it. The soil is horrid, but I amended each planting hole with compost, worm casting and a slow-release pelleted plant food, so hopefully that will be enough.

We did a couple of other quick things before the rain started coming down too hard. Frank pruned some of the dead wood off the weeping cherry right in the front of the house that had been looking like such an eye sore. And while he was there, he deadheaded some of the tulips, making that bed look much better with the spent blooms gone.

I also cut the water shoots off of the crab tree by the pond. This tree wasn’t planted deeply enough, and I’m not sure what else to do about all of the sprouts except keep cutting them. I doubt it’s okay to dig it up and replant it. I wonder if I could bury the trunk a bit more by mounding the soil up around it? Hmm. I need to read about that.

Just as we were coming in, the skies opened up and it started pouring. Perfect timing!

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