A Baby Goldfish

P7310011.jpgOr so we think. It hides in the algae (which it’s eating madly) so it’s almost as hard to get a good look as a good picture. There are also half a dozen somewhat larger (two inch) charcoal grey fish in there, none of which we’d seen before today. At the rate the salmon colored one is eating, it should be big enough for a good look inside a month.

P7310003.jpgThe colors in the garden right now are definitely the hot summer color variety. Many yellows, reds and oranges. Both the lilies and the daylilies are in full bloom. We are going to have to look at the heights of many of the lilies and their surrounding flowers because some of them are being over-shadowed by things like the white Crazy Daisies. Both are looking good, but I think they need to be separated somewhat.

compost pile potatoesThe potatoes that I buried in the compost bin that is cooling off have all come up and are looking quite healthy. I don’t know what they are going to taste like, but the plants look big and vigorous, so I have high hopes that they will be at least as good as the store-bought ones they came from.

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