We had quite the exciting and adventurous day out in the new garden today, probably more than we really wanted. There was one big oak tree that absolutely had to get cut before we could put in our first raised beds, but we’d left it to last because it really wanted to fall onto the power lines, and Frank had to think about how to not let it fall that way.

P8300044.jpg But of course, despite his best efforts, it did indeed fall onto the power lines, and the tree was big enough that it snapped the electric wires. At least we didn’t bring down a pole or anything! We walked down to the neighbor’s house to call the power company, and they came out about two hours later and got us up and running again. We took the power down for everyone on our road as well, and apologized to everyone as we met them.

Frank should probably put in his own thoughts here, because most of what I did was watch and worry, heh.

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