Short Sunday

P9210006.jpgWe didn’t get much done in the garden today. The weather was bad, and we were having major problems with one of the kids. Princess stayed with us the whole time, including taking a ride in the back of the truck!

What little we did was mostly very close to the house, bringing in firewood that the power company cut in the driveway last fall. We are still very short on wood this year, so finding stuff that is already dry is a good thing.

We had a bit of a disagreement about where to actually cut this stuff. Frank likes to cut it wherever he finds it, leaving the short pieces scattered in the brush for me to unbury and haul to the back of the truck. Then we toss out all the pieces out of the truck into a pile, then we stack it.

I prefer to haul big pieces to wherever we are going to stack it, then have Frank cut it to length there. He sometimes indulges me, since I’m the one who stacks it, but more often than not, he comes up with some reason why he just had to cut it in place, heh.

P9220011.jpgOh well. We like the exercise, I guess. Being outside in the pretty garden is nice, too.

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