Fall’s Fallen

PA210002.jpgI hate it when I travel in October, and somehow it seems to happen every year. I’ve been gone for nine days, and I missed my favorite season! Peak has come and gone while I’ve been out in California and Texas.

And of course, the weather is so rainy and wet that we are constantly watching the weather forecasts and trying to figure out when we will be able to get out there, and also trying to prioritize what we should do, and when. Decisions, decisions.

PA210005.jpgOne of the things we are discussing is whether or not we should rake leaves. Frank usually wants to just mow them in place, leaving the organic matter to improve the soil in the lawn. Me, I confess I sort of look at the lawn as a composting vehicle for me. All I really care about is the grass clippings for my compost, which will improve the soil in my flower beds. And it doesn’t deserve all that leaf matter! I want all those leaves to go into my compost with all of their weed fighting powers.

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