More bulbs, mulch delivery

PA090008.jpgFrank finally broke down and let me order a new truckload of pine bark mulch. I was whining that because I’m the one who does the majority of the weeding, and because we ran out early this year, he doesn’t see how much it helps. I know it robs nitrogen, but my thought is that if we spread compost first, then cover with the mulch, the weeds will be fewer. When we just spread the compost, it is full of weed seeds, probably because we can’t get it hot enough, and I end up having to weed too much. With an ever expanding garden, I need to get this in control, you know? He was thinking we could just compost our own wood chips and then mulch with that, which is fine in principal, but not immediate. So, a long story to say, whew. Finally, we have more mulch. Now we just need to spread it.

To help with the spreading, well, mostly with the loading of the cart, he bought a scoop for his tractor. Cute little thing, it is. We’re hoping it will help with the turning of the compost piles as well. Maybe more turning will help heat it up some more, as well.

PA090012.jpgWe planted more bulbs today as well. Frank is finally admitting that just maybe, perhaps, my estimate that he bought 1000 bulbs just might be correct.

PA090006.jpg We have hundreds of weird little mushrooms growing all over the old mulch in the garden, and he’s going to try to figure out what they are. If they are safe and yummy, we’ve hit the jackpot.

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