Firewood Milestone

CRW_0159_JFR.jpg We went outside mid-day today because the weather was just absolutely beautiful. Mid-50s, clear blue sky to start, then high pretty clouds, no wind. We don’t get many days like this this late into the year, so we took a break from work and cabin-fever and really enjoyed it.

PB210002.jpg We got to one milestone, anyone, which made us feel productive. All of the wood we cut over the year for the woodstove in our bedroom is now cut to length and stacked on the back deck, conveniently located right near the bedroom. It doesn’t look like much, unfortunately, but it’s definitely more than we had last year, and we almost made it to spring last year.

Frank reminds me that as I expand the garden even further, it’ll mean we have even less time to focus on getting in the firewood, and he’s just going to have to leave a lot of the garden to me on my own or we are going to freeze. Of course, we could break down and buy propane heaters, too, but it feels wasteful to not burn the wood from the trees we are clearing. Throwing them into the woods to rot just feels so very brown. So at least while we are still clearing for gardens and orchards, we might as well heat with wood, and I will have to either make more time to help him get it in, or work in the gardens without him.

The weather forecast says the weekend is going to be great, and we hope to get out there for both afternoons, at least. We have stuff to do in the mornings, but we might get the firewood finished for the stove in the basement as well. I know that will make Frank really happy. He thinks all of my window boxes that I start from seed in March need it warmer than we’ve been keeping it. And actually, the whole house feels warmer when we keep the basement warm. Heat rises and all that.

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