Gargoyles and indoor blooms

PB260004.jpgEven though it’s not specifically about the garden, it is about the outside part of the house, so I’ll mention it here anyway! Our anniversary gift to ourselves this year were two of these gargoyles, now climbing the sides of our log home. We absolutely love them, and are only sorry that they are so close in color to the logs that they don’t jump out and scare you more. We’ve had to point them out to everyone, and what fun is that?

CRW_0174_JFR.jpgThe snow’s all gone again, which feels weird. I mean, it’s not completely gone, because you can see just a dusting here and there, but usually we are snow covered by now. I’m seeing more daff shoots, and I’m thinking this might happen every year but they usually don’t show because of the snow?

PC010010_001.jpgI’m a bit excited over something that most people find easy — my African violets finally bloomed. I bought them at the flower show in Boston two years ago, and am just now getting reblooms. I credit the worm tea I’ve been feeding them weekly.

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