Playing in the dirt

I’ve been planting yet more seeds — I started some marigolds for my window boxes, some cilantro for my kitchen, and I’m trying my hand at melampodium, notoriously hard to grow from seeds, but I can never find it in the nurseries around here and I love it.

P3130006.jpgI also transplanted out my pansies, moving them from the starting trays into six packs. It felt good to get down there and play with the dirt, and I wonder sometimes if even that little exposure to full spectrum light helps with mid-winter depression, because it did wonders for my mood.

I puttered around until there just wasn’t anything else I can do because it’s still too early. I’m chomping at the bit, though, so ready to be out in my garden already. I think maybe reading gardening books and watching gardening shows on TV can just go so far in easing the itch, and we are both a bit stir-crazy.

Frank really wants to get out and work on his tractor, too. Soon, soon, I know, but we are being tempted with the blue skies and retreating snow.

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