Sweet Pea Experiments

sweet peas, newly transplantedMy sweet peas were getting so tall that I decided they just had to go outside already, because there’s no way to keep a vining plant under lights, I think. Why did I start these so early? I’ve never grown them before, and the package said they like cool weather, so cool weather they are going to have. (“as soon as the ground can be worked”) Alrighty then.

So I planted them outside along a big stone wall, with the theory that they can climb the stone and ramble along it. (will they be able to? not sure) But I’m also hoping that the stone will absorb heat during the day and keep the little guys from freezing at night.

tomato seedlingsLet’s not even talk about my tomato plants. They are going to raise the ceiling of the basement. I think I might just have started them too early too. I wonder how soon I can put them out with the little water teepee things I bought? I keep reading weather reports obsessively.

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