P3090010.jpgI’m not sure what I was thinking, but I had ordered a bunch of heirloom tomato seeds from Tomato Fest last month. I bought their short season collection, hoping for an earlier harvest that I got last year. But anyway, in his book, he talks about planting his seed in the first of April, and he’s in California, yet I started mine the first of March?

I did, though. I think I’m going to try those water surround things from Gardener’s Supply, too, to see if I can get them outside mid-April.

So the seedlings are already pushing up the tops on the clear covers, growing madly. I used some old plastic silverware for markers, because I really want to keep track of the varieties of these guys.

I planted four each of six varieties, and it looks like all but two germinated. Here we go!

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