Potting Up Time

cilantro started from seed, starting to fill out the window box.With all the boxes in, I’m now not safe at garden centers. I have so much time! I should buy more, more, more! Actually, I’ve been pretty restrained, all things considered. I found some really cheap but healthy looking stuff at Walmart, and potted them up. In particular, a red scarlet clematis is now potted up and under lights. I’m trying to revive the fuschia from last year, but it looks deader than a doornail to me, so I think that was a waste of time.

Frank installing more drip irrigation.The cilantro that I started from seed is coming up nicely, and makes the whole basement smell spectacular. Frank’s been installing drip irrigation for the boxes, which feels absolutely luxurious. You mean I’m not going to have to pull each box to the ground to water them, and then haul them all back up onto the shelves? I can hardly believe it. He says he gets hungry working down there, though, smelling the cilantro.

Second coat of paint on the beehives.And just for the record, the green paint on the beehives did not get darker as it dried. Oh well. I do like the color.

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