Spring has sprung

daffodils almost ready to bloomSpring has sprung. It’s probably only temporary, and I know we’ll probably still get at least one more snow fall before spring is really truly here, but I don’t care. Today was absolutely beautiful, and we stayed outside as much as we could, getting a head start on the spring clean up, and getting quite a lot done, actually. It felt wonderful to be playing in the dirt again.

It’s so hard to think that we could leave this garden. I recognize every freaking plant, just like an old friend, and I’m happy to see when they make it through the winter, and sad when they don’t. The real estate agent came over to see our house this afternoon, and is supposed to give us a call next week with figures. Our house is going to be hard to sell, because I don’t exactly do neutral colors or even a conventional floor design. But he thinks he can sell it, and it now depends on the price. Frank’s sort of decided that if the range is where we think it will be, we might price it exactly at the high end, and if it sells, fine. If not, we stay in paradise.

the lilac bushes, bare root and cheap. hereI just can’t think about that, though, so I’m gardening as if we are staying here. I sort of started a new bed today, by planting some bare-root lilacs at the left edge of the center lawn, in the middle of the circular drive. I really hate that whole side. Even mowing is hard, because so much gravel gets thrown up, and we really need to just make a bed there. I don’t have much hope for those lilacs, but even if they don’t make it, I still want something hedge like along that edge. We have so much else to do that Frank is skeptical of making a new bed at all, but what the heck. I can do most of it myself, right? Right.

the first blue squill white crocusesJust to note, the first squill bloomed today, quite prettily, and the daffs look like they could go any second now. The crocus remain very cute.

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