123_2318_JFR.jpgCalvin gave us some incredibly good fencing that he’d taken up at his place. Frank went over to get it yesterday, and came home with three bundles of woven wire. He thinks this stuff is much better for going up hills like we’re going to have to do, and we feel grateful to have gotten it all for free. He has more if we need it, too, but Frank took what would fit in the back of his pick-up truck.

We finally have the area where the winter sheep yards are going to be cleared, mostly. We’ve pulled out all of the saw logs, and are going to end the yards where we can still reach the rest of the firewood. (I can hardly think about how behind we are on firewood without panicking.) But the sheep yards and shelters are taking priority, because the electric fences won’t work once we have real snow. Hurry, hurry, hurry.

We bought metal posts at Agway, only 6 feet tall. Calvin lent us the little widget thing that goes over the top of the posts to bang them into the ground. The fencing is taller than our posts, unfortunately, but we hadn’t seen it yet when we bought the posts, but it’ll do.

123_2317_JFR.jpgWe’ve got Sue’s electric fence encompassing the area around the bees, in the hope he’ll knock some of that brush down. It seems he finds dead bees yummy, though. Twice I’ve seen him right at the opening to one of the hives, with his tongue sticking out, pulling out the dead bees. Are there any critters in the world who don’t think bees are yummy? I had no clue.

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